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Saturday, July 13, 2002

posted by: Amethyst

KoolieZ Interviews MrLyCon

Today on KoolieZ, they have interviewed well known mapper MrLyCon. He answers questions on his new maps adn his upcoming mod Urban Operations. Check it out at KoolieZ.

this tidbit of news is coming at you thanks to Planetquake

New Ultra Freeze Tag Beta

Haste, The creator of Ultra Freeze Tag has released another beta today. The release of his new version is due out next Saturday. This beta is very appealing, especially to CPMA and OSP lovers. It also has tweaked lag compensation and a load of other goodies. Check it out at Ultra Freeze Tag today.

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Cremator and Storm Shadow Map Release

A level created for the Quake 3 World Collaborative Mapping Contest has been released. It is a gothic DM for 4-8 players that was created by Cremator and Storm Shadow. You can get it at either of their sites, Cremator's Map Realm or Storm Shadow's Pages

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Quakewamp 1.0 Released

Finally, you can listen to your favorite tunes while getting some fragging action, thanks to Quakewamp 1.0. With this program you can listen to mp3 files through winamp while playing a Quake engine game. You can even adjust volume and switch songs through the game console. It even has a tool that allows you to see your cpu temperature through the console as well. It supports several games including RTCW, Q2, Q3, MOH:AA, JK2, and SOF2. You can check out an interview with the creator, Joshua, and nab this kick ass little tool at

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Sprint DSL Cuts

If you have Sprint DSL, then there might be a problem in the near future for you. Sprint has announced layoffs and DSL cuts and they have plans to eliminate their DSL service in some cities to lower costs. Get the whole scoop at

Friday, July 12, 2002

posted by: Amethyst

New Map on GNC

Today, on GNC, you will find a new map with an interesting twist. The name of the map is autosave every 1 minute. In this map, you spawn with a railgun and 30 ammo. Every 3 seconds you get 5 health and 1 slug. When you die, you don't drop your weapon. You can also get some info on how to make a map of this sort. Check it out at GNC.

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Top Maps Project Update

Check out 's top map project. They have updated their list of most popular FPS maps. The list is based on which maps get played the most in a 31 day period. Check out some of the lists

Check it out at

Reaction Q3 Update

The Beta of version 2.1 of Reaction Q3 will be released soon and to prepare you for it they have posted some screenshots and a list of new features that you can expect in the new version. Check out Reaction Q3 to see the goods. They are also looking for an animator so you should contact them if you think you fit the bill. Check it all out here!

WFA Update

It has finally come! Weapons Factory Arena has finally announced that they will soon release a new version of their kick ass mod. Version 3.5 is in the works and it is jam packed with tons of features. They have plans to show off their handiwork at QuakeCon 2002. Go to Weapons Factory Arena to check  it out.

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New WFA Maps Available

If its Weapons Factory Arena Maps you want, then Weapons Factory Direct has you covered. They have a huge list of new maps available for you that you aren't going to want to miss.


  • Whiplash (Beta 1) - Soldier Bob (Q3WFA)
  • Lavender Revisited (Beta 1) - kratul/blue calx (Q3WFA)
  • Carbon (Beta 1) - Noob (Q3WFA)
  • Dark Side of Jupiter (Beta 1) - blue calx (Q3WFA)
  • Ganymede Base (Beta 1) - Col Kassad (Q3WFA)

  • Abyss - D-Man (Q3WFA)
  • C Bases 2 - DieHard (Q3WFA)
  • Zero Luminosity - Zeus (Q3WFA)
  • Beyond - Zeus (Q3WFA)
  • Shuriken - Creedo (Q3WFA)

Go to Weapons Factory Direct to grab these great new maps for WFA.

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Corsair interview

Kooliez Design has posted a recent interview with Corsair, a well-known mapper whose most recent work was Kinky Pinky. Check out what he has to say here!

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Maya MD3 Export Source Released

Q3 Rally has released its new Maya source code. In order to use this source code , you will need the Maya Devkit. More info and downloads are available at Quake Rally.

Machinima Film Festival

The official announcement of the First Annual Machinima Film Festival has been made. The event is set to take place on August 17, at the Trail Dust Restaurant in Mesquite, Texas. So if you have a doosey for all to see, This is the place to do it. To find out more about Machiniam guidelines and Regulations, go to The Academy of Machinia arts and Sciences. You should also check out this Festival Article on for all the info you will need on this upcoming event.

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More Mapping Fun at ..::LvL

That's right, ..::LvL is at it again. This time they have 7 new kick ass maps available for your Fraggin' delight.

  • Mouldy Old Bastard by Tigger-oN (CPM/DM/Tourney 2-4 player)
  • La Bastille by sock (Team Arena/CTF/3W 6-10 player)
  • Cascade Rails by shadowland2000 (DM 3-8 player)
  • Towers of death by Anton (DM/Tourney 2-3 player)
  • MetalMeat by Jora (DM/Tourney 2-3 player)
  • High in the Sky by A10k (Space DM/Tourney 2-4 player)
  • Nafley pack b1 by oNiCkz (DM/Tourney 2-4 player)
  • You don't want to miss out on these babies so better hurry over to ..::LvL. They have also made available their ..::LvL Open game Source License for all you mappers and modelers out there. Get it here!

    this tidbit of news is coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    BFG Arena and Gibby Arena released

    Today, at the newly published Trisoft Entertainment site, they have double your pleasure modding action with BFG Arena and Gibby Arena. The name of these mods make them self explanatory. So for some BFG Slinging and body popping action, head over to Trisoft Entertainment.

    this tidbit of news is coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    Thursday, July 11, 2002

    posted by: Amethyst

    FitzQuake Update

    FitzQuake has released a new update, version 0.65. FitzQuake is a Quake engine modification that has been well received. It includes

  • Hardware gamma
  • Fullbrights on models
  • Centerprint logging
  • More save slots
  • Bug fixes
  • So, if you want to give classic Quake a little bit of a makeover, grab up FitzQuake.

    this tidbit of news is coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    Team Arena Map by Uoz

    If it's more Team Arena map action you want, then head over to The Brushing Grounds. There you will find a new map, Given To Fly by Italian map designer uoz. It will handle all TA game types and there are a lot of tempting details. Jump over The Brushing Grounds to see what uoz has to say about his latest creation and to nab this kick ass TA map.

    this tidbit of news is coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    True Combat Screenshots

    Jump over the True Combat site to see three great screenshots of an original True Combat map. You can also get all the info on this kick ass Q3 mod. check it out here!

    this tidbit of news is coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    PC Stats PC Expo 2002 Report

    Well, The annual PC expo in New York has come and gone, so now it's time to get the skinny on everything that went down. Check out PC Stats to get the low down on all the hot tech goodies that were showcased at the PC Expo. They have articles and reviews on all the hottest products at the show including:

    • DVD L100-portable DVD player

    • "Glowy" GeForce

    • Belkin Wireless Networking

    • Casio Digital Cameras

    and so much more. go to PC Stats to check it out and also catch a glimpse at their Shuttle DDR33 Ak35GTR motherboard review. get it all here!

    Install a LAN Handle.

    So, you're going to a LAN are you? But what about that heavy case? Wouldn't it be so much easier if it had a handle? Well, Case Junkiez have the answer to that. Jump over to Case junkiez to get detailed instructions on how to install a LAN handle to your tower to make toting it a little easier. It' all about case mods these days, and Case Junkiez is  a great resource. Check it out here.

    New Dragonball Quake Screens

    Today at Dragonball Quake, some kick ass new screenshots have been posted showcasing one of their new maps, a city map by xpac. Their is even a 9 meg movie showing the map in action. Surf over and check it out at Dragonball Quake.

    CPL Summer Schedule Posted

    The New CPL summer schedule has been posted. It lists Tournament Registration, workshops, contests, and more. So if you have plans to attend a CPL in the future, check it out here!

    NVidia Driver Database Announced.

    Tweaker's Asylum announced today that they have a new Nvidia Detonator Driver Database up and running. So if you find yourself in need of the newest Nvidia Driver, Run over to Tweaker's Asylum to Pick it up. They have also recently added forums so that you can discuss your driver performance with others. Check it out here!

    Threewave CTF version 1.6 Available

    The got to have mod Threewave CTF has a new version out there for your fraggin' pleasure. Version 1.6 is availabe and it is bitchin'. It has a ton of new additions, some changes, and some fixes. Including:


    •  added cg_pmFixes which defaults to disabled (0), enabling this (1) will make the prediction and movement more "OSP/CPMA-like" like in 3w 1.5

    • added adm_gotoportal, permits admins to send the server back to the portal

    • added g_lithium and g_runes to callvoting

    • added cg_nochatbeep, works same as OSP`

    • hud now shows location of dropped flags (except when flag is dropped with the drop command)


    • reduced player score sorting so that skill calculation doesnt slow down
      the server

    • if you have memory problems, like getting stuck at "Awaiting snapshot" and you cant afford more memory, you can disable voice chats, which will free around 10 megs of ram by setting cg_noVoiceChats 0 (note: using the shortcut that gets added to your desktop when you use the exe Windows install, to start threewave may also help with this problem)

    • draw attacker has been put back in


    • fixed gametype callvoting not working

    • fixed coaching in ctfs/arena

    • fixed unlockteams not working while paused in matchmode

    • fixed g_keepteams settings fuxing up matchmode restarts

    • fixed possible deleting of white flag in 1flag while paused

    And that is just to name a few. This is a must have so don't miss out. Go over to Threewave CTF to nab it today.

    Eternal Arena v5.9 Available

    Well, It's here. The newest Version of Eternal Arena. This update is jam packed with loads of new features including:

    • New main menu and background

    • Map Rotations

    • Team Overtime

    • Random Maps

    • Head/Body model switching

    • Full awards logging for all games

    • Anti-spawn suicide timer

    • Awards on Scoreboard

    • Mini scoreboard

    • better map selections

    • Weapon Dropping

    • Rocket Jumping

    • Damage indicator

    And that is only naming  a few. So, as you can see, this new version is a must have. It also includes 17 new game types like instagib rails and rocket rampage. Don't miss this one. Download this Kick ass mod today at Eternal Arena.

    Hardware Week Begins

    It's hardware week at Gamespy. They are there to tell you "anything you want to know about hardware". Including:

    • Processors

    • video cards

    • CD rewritables

    • broadband

    Today they are going to tell you about Motherboards. Go to Gamespy to check it out and get educated.

    Wednesday, July 10, 2002

    posted by: Amethyst

    True Combat Site Updated

    Go check out the recent update at True Combat. They have added some screenshots and a list of features that will be found in their mod in progress, True Combat. Some of the coming attractions include:

    • Grenades can be thrown through glass now, breaking it.

    • TK complaint system with forgive function.

    • You canīt fire or switch weapons until a reload is done .

    •  Single shell reload on m3s90, hold the reload key down.                                  

    • You canīt reload a full clip.

    • Player models lean now.

    Go to True Combat to check it out!

    this tidbit of news is coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    DJ Wheat added to TsN's Team

    Team Sportscast Network has added DJ Wheat to their team. This is good news for all you Quake junkies because it means more Quake coverage. He will also be helping out at Quakecon. go on over to Team Sportscast Network to get more info.

    Tuesday, July 09, 2002

    posted by: Amethyst

     Map Database Update

    The map database  was updated today with three new titles.

  • Minima by Bengal
  • Walk Don't Run by wviperw
  • The Return of Mythology by Rebel Assault
  • Jump over to the Map Database to check out the latest maps. ,

    Fileplanet Makeover

    Surf on over to Fileplanet and take a look at version 2.0. It looks pretty sharp and has a load of new features to make your Fileplanet experience even better. Some of the features include:

  • Improved key-word searching
  • Increased list of browsable files by 400%!
  • More categories for the "Top 50"
  • Paying subscribers can now browse the site ad-free!
  • Go to Fileplanet to check it out.

    this tidbit of news is coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    New Spitfire Studios Software

    Currently, at Spitfire Studios, work is in progress on their first version of Q3 Item Configuration Editor (ICE). This program will allow you to separate items from maps so that you may edit items individually. Check out Spitfire Studios to get the low down on the first version of ICE and to find out how you can be a tester for this program.

    Monday, July 08, 2002

    posted by Amethyst

    Spiderman Q3 Update

    Spiderman Q3 has posted a new update for the Spiderman total conversion today. You will find screenshots of some bitchin' models in progress and get the low down on what we can expect in the near future. If you're a mapper and want to help out on some kick ass Spiderman levels and such, give them a shout. They are currently looking for level designers and skinners. Check it out at Spiderman Quake 3.

    Quick Death Update in Progress

    Jump on over to Quick Death and you can get the what's up on their work in progress, a new version of their instagib styled Quick death Mod. This new version will beef up the mod in several ways:

    • Complete new Layout
    • Complete new site using the new layout.
    • A much requested gametype mode called Classic Instagib, the original instagib from quake2 with the grapple etc...
    • Pro Instagib: if instagib is to easy for you, try qd pro where only headshots are allowed!
    • Tons of new maps build for qd suiting instagib gametypes

    In order to bring you their bitchin' new version, they need a little help. They are currently looking for mappers, skinners and modelers to help get the job done. If you can help out, let them know. You can get the news and some screenshots here.

    this tidbit of news is coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    Walk Don't Run

    A new map has been released today at W V W Design. The map, Walk don't Run by: wviperw, is intended for use with the CPM mod and has a clean high tech look with white walls. wviperw has intentions to have the map running on some pro servers soon, so better hurry over to W V W Design to nab it.

    this tidbit of news is coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    What's in The Stars?

    If you wanna know what is in the stars for your game this week, check out the Quake Scopes at Planetquake. You will also find their latest installments of Desktop readings. This is good stuff, so check it out at Planetquake.

    this tidbit of news is coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    Sunday, July 07, 2002 

    posted by: Amethyst

    Reaction is Coming

    The fine folks at Reaction Q3 have announced that the new version of this kick ass mod will be released on July 19. So be sure to jump over to reaction Q3 on the 19th to nab version 2.1. It has a long list of improvements from the previous version, such as:

    • Valley of Ashes by Hexydes and possibly 2 other maps.
    • Kickback from weapons adjusted
    • LaserSight bug is fixed.
    • Recoded the AI for changing weapon modes. Bots can now zoom in/out with the SSG.
    • Made it possible to add random bots when starting a game from the UI
    • Items can now be dropped during bandaging
    • M4 muzzleflash 25% smaller.
    • Tweaked leg damage.
    • Smooth M4 rise.

    this tidbit of news is coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    Quake for the Blind

    Hop on over to Boston Globe Online to read their newly posting article about a company named Zform whose aim is to level the playing field between the average player and those with visual impairments. They have created a sound only modification of Quake 3 that has allowed a sight impaired player to frag right along with game designers. To read the article and find out more, visit Boston Globe Online.

    this tidbit of news is coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    New Urban Terror Level Available

    A new level for the Urban Terror Q3A mod has been made available for download today. The map, ut_desertville, by Queenbee, is the first Urban Terror map to be released by a female mapper. It was initially created for the team survivor game mode, but can be used in TDM, FFA, and CTF. Rocket jump over to the sixth floor  to check out ut_desertville.

    this tidbit of news is coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    So, you wanna make a mod?

    Today on the sixth floor, a 6 part paper has been released titled Managing the Mod. It is an instructional series on mod making. It's great for aspiring and experienced modders alike. It was written by Sam "dokta8" Hinton, a former coder for Silicon Ice Development. It is a very interesting and educational read that I'm sure you will find intriguing. The paper is based on the Q3A mod Urban Terror. Hop on over to the sixth floor and get educated.

    Project Retinal Regeneration Update

    So you got the map, what now? How about some goodies to enhance your Stauf experience. Jump over to Project Retinal Regeneration to nab the latest

    "Stauf" texture set- mansion-esque household textures

    Grand Staircase Prefab

    Check it out at Project Retinal Regeneration

    this tidbit of news is coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    More Maps From ..::LvL

    ..::LvL strikes again with four bitchin' new maps.

    • Darkman]I['s Space By Darkman]I[ (space DM 3-6 players)

    • Tranquil Place by Mj (Metal Jacket) (DM 3-8 players)

    • NEON GENESIS by 187-J4CK4L (DM/Tourney 2-6 players)

    • Bicyclerepairman's CTF 1: SPEED by Bicyclerepairman (Space CTF 2-6 players)

    Check out ..::LvL Q3A and stock up on a load  of kickass maps.

    this tidbit of news is coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    Help Rekindle the Quake 1 fire

    Hey all you Quake lovers out there, Peekaboom needs your help to keep Quake 1 alive. Check out Prominence to nab several new Quake 1 maps from some new authors. Don't let the legend die. Jump over to Prominence to read what he has to say and to nab the goodies.

    this tidbit of news is coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    Want Q2 Stuff?

    If it's Quake 2 maps you want, head over to RetroQuake and check out their new files.

    • Escape by: Loki's Mission

    • Rigor Mortis by: DJ "Pan" Bloot

    Run on over to RetroQuake to check it out.

    this tidbit of news is coming at you thanks to planetquake

    Testing in Progress

    a new design of fileplanet 2.0  is in the testing stage and they are looking  for volunteers to help with the test. If you want to be one of the first to test their new design, head on over to fileplanet.

    This news is brought to you by Gamespy

    News is updated daily by Amethyst

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