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Saturday, July 06, 2002

posted by: Amethyst

New Quake DM

Today, Tyrann's Nevermore has released a new DM for you frag happy Quakers. The new DM, Dark Ritual, is best suited for 2-8 players and is available today. Check it out and grab it up at Tyrann's Nevermore.

Check Out Crossfire

Jump on over to Crossfire and see some great pics and screenshots of the new crossfire mod that is currently in the works. So far, development is going slow, but the mod is looking good and looks like it will kick ass after release. Go to Crossfire to check it out.

This tidbit of news is coming at you thanks to Planetquake.

Friday, July 05, 2002

posted by: Amethyst

New GameSpy 3D Released

Version 2.6 of GameSpy 3D was released today. This version was created to include support for America's Army.

Big News at Violation Entertainment

Today, Violation Entertainment released the news that Lee David Ash, the man responsible for a large number of great Quake 3 goodies, is saying goodbye to Quake 3. Fortunately, he has plans to start new endeavors on other games. As a goodbye gift, he has left numerous goodies for you to partake of

  • Two maps: CTF Forest, and DM Futuristic Complex

  • Two weapon replacements: Gauntlet and BFG10K (you can now download all 9 of his weapon replacements in one pk3)

  • A somewhat Quake related 2D game Arkannoyed


Maps in the Making on The 6th Floor

Today on The 6th Floor, you will find some great screenshots of the maps that are currently in the making. The 6th Floor is known for making some kick-ass maps and this one looks to rank up there with their best. Oswald has posted info and pics on the new map being made by Invis and NoDeth, "ut_pointblank", a new CTF Urban Terror level that is currently at %70 completion.

this tidbit of news is coming at you thanks to planetquake

Thursday, July 04, 2002                                                                                           

posted by: Amethyst

Q&A with Gaming Gurus

Today, to celebrate America's Birthday, has posted some great Q&A's for your enjoyment. They recently had interviews with some gaming big wigs, and they got the inside info on their 4th of July plans. They chatted with people including Hellchick (activision), Fredo (id Software), Paul Jaquays (Ensemble Studios), and a lot more. Want More? Check it out at



Wanna Make Some Cash?

So you think you have what it takes to make some big bucks playing Quake 3? Well now could be your chance to find out just how good you are. Go up against the best of the best in the ATI $60,000 "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" team tournament and $40,000 "Quake 3 Arena" team championships at QuakeCon. These competitions will be held in Mesquite, Texas at the Mesquite Convention Center on August 15-18. This is the first time that QuakeCon 2002 will host both one-on-one and team play tournaments. Their Sponsor providing over $100,000 in prizes is ATI. This is going to be the gaming event of the year so be sure to get all the details at QuakeCon. You aren't going to want to miss this so check it out today to get registration information.

this tidbit of news is coming at you thanks to id software


Q3ServerKit update

Check the new version of the server administrator program, Q3ServerKit. The new version is jam packed with new features including:

  • new color scheme

  • real-time chat panel with color text

  • start panel allows you to start the Quake 3 dedicated server

  • raw message console panel

  • feedback form

  • support for both Q3 Demo and the full version

  • various small bug fixes

You can nab this great new version of the java based admin program from legowhore. Check it out!

Wednesday, July 03, 2002            

 posted by: Amethyst                                                                                     

Prospects for Western Q3 Looking Good

General Tso, at Western Quake 3, announces today that even more progress has been made on their new mod Western Quake 3. He states that Krokofox has completed the music and the current beta testing is going well. He adds that Western Q3 is quickly becoming a LAN party favorite for the team and that reviews from beta testers are positive. Check out Western Quake 3 for the entire announcement and some kickass screenshots.

Want Models?

If it's models you want, then Polycount has got you covered. Today they announced a whole new score of models for you to partake of. Check out Polycount to get your hands on

So Ya Wanna Make Your Own Model?

If its model making that your interested in, then check out the new version of Aztec 3D Modeler. This is a freeware modeler that you can get at Source Forge. This modeler has tons of features that make it an ideal tool for amateur as well as professional modelers.



Tuesday, July 02, 2002            

posted by: Amethyst

..::LvL Releases Four New Maps

The Quake map mega site ..::LvL have released four new kickin' maps for your fraggin' pleasure. Though not their best work ever, these maps are hot and deserve a look. Check em out at ..::LvL

  • Geckos Desert-by gecko (DM, tourney, 2-3 players)

  • 60 minutes of hell-by Evil_Cremator (DM, tourney, 2-4 players)

  • Lava Pit-by Anton (DM, tourney, 2-4 players)

  • LOST CANYON-by J4CK4L (DM, tourney, 2-4 players)

Monday, July 01, 2002

posted by: Amethyst                                                                                                                              

Gauntlet Arena released

This new mod is a one of a kind. Being the first mod to be made by dawm, it is bound to be a blast. Imagine running around frag happy with the gauntlet in an instagib like war. Get the scoop and download Gaunlet Arena at the Gauntlet Arena page.


Sunday, June 30, 2002                                                                          

posted by: Amethyst

Three Wave CTF 1.6 Released

The latest version of Three Wave CTF has been released. This new version fixes some minor bugs from the previous version and is only a code update, which makes for a very small download (469K). Go to the Threewave site to nab this great new update or the full version if you don't have it yet.



DM Tourney Generator v2.8 Released                               

Need  a little helping hand setting up those tourney brackets? Look to the

neur0soft Deathmatch Tournament Generator

 for help. The hot new version was released this morning. They have supercharged this version with numerous improvements and a few add-ons. They include:


  • Team League Support

  • Tournament Match details

  • Remote tournament Match Detail Viewing

  • Remote League Match Submission

  • Auto Save events

  • Player to Player Messaging

  • PHP Page Hosting Support (Requires PHP Installed)


  • Multiplayer Selections In List

  • Remote Administration Abilities

  • User Interface in Player Details and Options


This news is brought to you by Gamespy

News is updated daily by Amethyst


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