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Inanity on Cheaters

Well, I had hoped that the situation was not bad enough that I would have to resort to these measures, but unfortunately, it is. As InanityWarlord kicked some ass in his server last night, it was made apparent to us the severity of the problem with cheaters in Quake 3. Warlord was having a great game and putting some numbers on the board and as a result, a bad sportsman had the audacity to accuse him of using an aimbot instead of just facing the fact that he got beat. I now feel it necessary to express the views of The Inanity Clan and all of our members on using cheats to better our game. There is one simple rule in this clan....Cheating not allowed...period. You will not at any point find a member of The Inanity Clan using any sort of cheat or aimbot or any thing else to gain an unfair advantage over other gamers. We are true gamers. We play for a love of the game and for the adrenaline rush that you receive when you get that impossible frag or beat a hard ass opponent for the first time. Our opinion of those who do choose to cheat is this... Cheating is only for those who have no talent and never will, people who care nothing for the game or for other gamers. Gamers make up an elite family that is a force to be reckoned with and cheaters are not a part of that family. We praise id Software for the upcoming Point Release with the Punk Buster software. Maybe that will help to renew the integrity that gaming once had, and will, once and for all, separate the gamers from the frauds. If you are on the many who choose to use online cheats to get an advantage I feel for you. Soon the entire world will know that not only are you a fraud but you have absolutely no real gaming talent to speak of. On a final note, for those of you who come across our server online, come as a gamer not as a fraud. We take out all the stops to find those who cheat and alert the gaming world about it. In fact, we plan to post the name of any cheaters we come across here on this webpage for the world to see. So, my advice to you is to come with it, but come as a gamer because only gamers are allowed. See you in the Arena!