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Saturday, July 27, 2002

posted by: Amethyst

Munyul's MVDM09

The 4th beta of MVDM09 by Munyul Verminard has been released today. This beta is focused on weapon placement and it is requested that feedback be given. Visit Munyul Verminard to download it now.

this tidbit of news coming at you thanks to PlanetQuake

Attack of the Giant Space Dildoes

Wangbutter has released his new Q3 map Attack of the Giant Space Dildoes. Wangbutter has been mapping since Q1 but this is his first release. It is a large space map that can handle 8v8 action. Run over to House of  Wang to get some screenshots and download this map.

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Afterwards Q3 finally have all 11 maps of their upcoming beta 2 total conversion complete. You can check out some great screenshots and get some insight on the release of the completed mod. Check it out at Afterwards Q3.

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Anklehead Q3

Anklehead is currently in search of 16 beta testers to try out the new beta. The first beta test will be focused on fighting style because the mod is lacking several features. If you are interested in being a beta tester for Anklehead, jump over to their site and found out how to apply. Check it out at Anklehead.

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The Official Quakecon Newsletter

The very first QuakeCon Newsletter has been posted today on QuakeCon 2002. The newsletter was put together by Zayb0 and includes loads of articles and information on the Upcoming QuakeCon 2002 event. It contains an update on QuakeCon 2002, an interview with DocWilco, info on Reaction Q3, Tips and Tricks, and loads more. So check the first issue of the Official Quakecon Newsletter today at QuakeCon 2002.

Friday, July 26, 2002

posted by: Amethyst

QMB update

The Quake 3 engine mod QMB has released a new update today to add support for .lit files. They also included various other features including:

  • Colored static lighting
  • Deathmatch bot (GloBot by Tomaz)
  • Under the hood fixes
  • Lighting fixes
  • and much more
  • You can get the rest of the details at the QMB site.

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    The hot Q3A mod Bystander has been issued an award for creativity by the Mod Database. This mod is a multiplayer modification in which you have to hunt your enemy down amongst a crowd and pick them off. A lot of tact and skill is needed to be effective. Get the rest of the info on this mod at the Bystander site.

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    Weapons Factory Arena Movie

    The Weapons Factory Arena clan Unfadable has put togethter a little WFA Q3 clip for your enjoyment. This 150 mb file features some nice match highlights to let everyone in on the beauty that is WFA. You can get the clip here, but make sure you have the latest divx so that you can view it. Unfadable has also announced that they will show a movie of the upcoming version 3.5 at QuakeCon this year.

    this tidbit of news coming at you thanks to PlanetQuake

    Gods of War

    Coming soon to the ever growing library of Q3 mods is a DM mod called Gods of War. In this mod, you can cast spells such as Drought, ammo, Launch, and more. They are currently seeking experienced mappers to aid in the making of this mod. For now, you can take a gander at their screenshots at Gods of War.

    this tidbit of news coming at you thanks to PlanetQuake

    Ice Terminal Map Updates

    Today at the Ice Terminal, the map database has been updated. IceStorm brings you a variety of maps by various mappers to increase your Q3 fragging pleasure. You can get

    • Swiss Cheese Trickster by Q-Fraggle
    • Black Star by papri-K
    • Quimera by JAJ
    • Hardwired by Akuma

    These are some nice maps that you don't want to miss. Get em all at Ice Terminal

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    Yugoslavian Q3

    Today you can download a Q3 movie from Yugoslavian Quake Force. The 40mb file features clips from mostly Belgrade Tournaments as well as some LANs, some music and some special effects. The movie is a testament that Quake 3 is still a hit in Yugoslavia. you can expect to see Team Force at ClanBase soon. You can download the movie here. Be sure you have the latest version of divx to play the avi.

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    Unitool .map Available

    Today from Unitool, you can get your hands on a .map file that is being offered up to whoever wants it. You can get two versions of the map, which came from his unreleased Q3 map Dumb All Over. There is also a pk3 file with everything required to make the map work. Check it out at Unitool's Site.

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    PQ and PW Prizes

    Everyone has already heard about the OPC Custom PC Giveaway that will take place at QuakeCon, but now there is even more to look forward. PlanetQuake and PlanetWolfenstein have gathered a supply of cool gear, including T-shirts, games, and much more. These hot prizes will be given away to gamers of all skill levels, so go to PQ and PW at QuakeCon for the rest of the details.

    this tidbit of news coming at you thanks to PlanetQuake

    QuakeCon Update

    QuakeCon announced today that they have a new sponsor. Ratpadz will be at the event this year giving away a free prototype high performance mousing surface to all BYOC attendees. The acclaimed comedian Mr. Sinus Theater 3000 will also be present to provide some entertainment on Saturday August 7. You can read all the rest of the info at QuakeCon.

    Wednesday, July 24, 2002

    Posted by: Amethyst


    If you are planning to attend Quakecon, like to jam, and think you have what it takes to entertain a group of hardcore gamers, you may be what Quakejam is looking for. They need jammers to take part in the show on August 15th and 16th 8:00am to 1:00pm. They need some good acts to pump up everyone up and get them ready to frag. Get all the details at Quakejam.

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    Some Additions at RetroQuake

    Two new members have been added to the RetroQuake team today. Welcome their two new reviewers, DI3HA4D and Nero. They also have some new Q1/Q2 maps on the board:

    • Weathered by Maric | Q2DM
    • How The Gods Kill by MaTi | Q1DM
    • The Vent by U8Poo | Q2DM
    • Pain Elemental by SleepwalkR | Q2DM

    Check it all out at RetroQuake.

    this tidbit of news coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    The 6ixth Floor Vehiclepak

    The much anticipated Vehiclepak has finally arrived at The 6ixth Floor today. The pack is a collection of models by Invis,  called ut_automotive. There are about 15 Md3 vehicles and an Urban Terror TS/DM that includes these vehicles as well as other prefabs that are available for use in the maps of others. Get all the info at The 6ixth Floor.

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    Gaming Future

    MrE at 3DActionPlanet gives us his thoughts today on the Future of Professional gaming.

    Games come and go. The audience decides which cyber sport it will relax in front of, and at the end of the chain there are the pro-gamers. Like a nomadic tribe, they will move on with the games or perish in a wilderness of obscurity. This is already happening. Dennis “Thresh” Fong, the worlds first pro-gamer, was able to cross over from several games quite successfully before winning John Carmack’s coveted Ferrari. He switched from Doom to Quake to Quake2 and managed to improve with time. He even played Real Time Strategy (RTS) game Starcraft at a competitive level.

    Included is an interview with Angel Munoz, the president of CPL and a lot of info on the Quake Series. Read MrE's perspective on The Future of Professional Gaming

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    Quakecon Maps Announced

    The maps that will be used at Quakecon 2002 have been announced.

    • FFA Elimination: q3dm7 and q3dm12

    • 1v1 Elimination: pro-q3dm6, pro-q3tourney4, ztn3tourney1, and ospdm8

    • Championship Match: pro-q3dm6

    Better get used to these maps and get prepared. For more information about Quakecon 2002, visit their site here.

    wviperw Interview

    Today on KoolieZ Design, they have posted a recent interview with well-known Q3 mapper, wviperw. He is known for many Q3 maps including, Walk Don't Run, Geometrica, Drift Away, and a lot more. He answers tons of questions about how he got into Quake 3 mapping and information about the building of his most popular maps:

    KoolieZ: I might begin with Geometrica, what was the inspiration for that and how long did that take to build?

    wviperw: Well, originally, before I even knew about the Geocomp2, I was planning on building a q3dm18-esque space map set in a strange alien Las Vegas type floating city. :)

    Read the rest of this interesting interview here!

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    Tuesday, July 23, 2002

    posted by: Amethyst


    There is a must read article at Multiplayer Gamers about spotting those annoying cheaters continuously ruining the game. So, if you think you have a cheater, read the article to learn how to find out for sure. Check it out here!

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    The 6ixth Floor Mapping Tutorial

    Today on The 6ixth Floor, they have updated their mapping tutorail with some new info and tips in Q3 map making. Their are also a few new additions from SweetnutZ. Read all about Q3 mapping at The 6ixth Floor.

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    Influence From Id Software

    Today on BBS news you can read a short article that addresses the influence that ID software has had on First Person Shooter (FPS) games. It contains quotes form people like Paul Wedgewood, from Splash Damage, one of the teams working on the upcoming RTCW expansion, Enemy Territory. This article is pretty cool. Check it out here!

    Rabbit at Polycount

    Another model has been released today at Polycount. Now available is Rabbit, Pavel [Ravlick] Vatin and skin author Yulia [YuGA] Goncharenko bring you this cartoonish Q3 addition. The authors claim hat this model is based on a comic book character and they have included bots and sounds so you can have a bit of a wabbit hunt if you so choose. Check it out at Polycount.

    Quakeworld v0.96

    Quakeworld version 0.96 has been released. It is said to be one of the best Quake clients and is the only one that can be3 used in Quakeworld competitions so don't miss it. The source code is also being released and it is totall cheat free, so don't even bother to look. Grab up MOWCL at Challenge Smackdown.

    The Mod Squad

    The August issue of Popular Science is set to feature an article called The Mod Squad. The article will feature information about the past, present and future of mods and mod making on numerous games. It was also have a few things to say about cheating in a few games. This is bound to be an interesting article, so be sure to check out the August Issue of Popular Science

    Monday, July 22, 2002

    posted by: Amethsyt

    Scurvy, Cobra Commander and Destro

    Today at Polycount, there are three more new models for your gaming pleasure. Check out Scurvy, a pirate model by: Eric "air_ick" Spitler. It is a peg leg model with a unicycle like attachment for his missing leg. They also have Cobra Commander and Destro, both by: John {Ronin{Triad} Fisher. These models portray the leaders of Cobra so they will make for some great target practice. Check out all three of these new models at Polycount.

    Souls Feast

    After three months of work, the total conversion mod Niflheim: Souls Feast beta version 0.50 has finally been released. It includes 8 characters and 80 weapons. There are loads of features, including:

    • Support for bots of demon nature
    • The 4 maps are now included
    • Installation program for Windows platforms
    • Updated UI
    • Improved gameplay and balance
    • Porchimon is now in and ready to kick some asses!

    and some great screen shots. Demonika Class and Nif Wallpaper. Get all the details here!

    his tidbit of news coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    Machinima in the NY Times

    After the recent Machinima Festival 2002, movies made in game engines, called Machinima have hit it big. An article has been posted in the New York Times that includes quotes from people like Stange Company's Hugh Hancock, AMAS' Paul Marino and the curator of New York's Museum of the Moving Image. Check it out here (you must register to access the article)

    Generation Arena

    Today at Wirehead Studios you can get the latest addition to Generation Arena, a M82 50cal. Sniper Rifle skin made by Tabun. You can also get a list of changes that will be made to version .99 of the Generations Arena mod that is due out soon.

    this tidbit of news coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    Tribute to E1M2

    Vlas has released his final version of his map Tribute to E1M2.  You can get the map at Vlas's Serene River and take part in some FFA and Tournament action.

    this tidbit of news coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    Q3 CPL?

    There has been talk over at the CPL that there is a possibility that they will return to Q3 teamplay soon at their competitions. You can read the comments that were made by the President of CPL, Angel Munoz, in  a recent interview hosted by The Adrenaline Vault. CPL will host a 1v1 match on tech tv in September and if things go well, they may add Quake 3 to their competition after the winter event. You can the rest of the story here!

    this tidbit of news coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    Q_Ball Q3

    The people at Q_Ball Q3 have posted some in game screen shots of their pinball mod in progress. The pics were taken during the beta testing that took place last night. They are also looking for some more help. Go to Q_Ball Q3 to check it out.


    KoolieZ has released his new map Kooliez3dm1, the unnamed map. It isn't the completed product due to the lack of bot play, but it is work a look. You can get it here!

    this tidbit of news coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    Anklehead Pics

    Today at Anklehead Q3 they have posted some new pics of their twisted Anklehead mod. Check it out for a look at their new absolute model and some concept art. You can see it here.

    this tidbit of news coming at you thanks to Planetquake

    Quake Movies

    For all you movie buffs out there, there are a few Quake movies available for download today. As with all movie files, they are quite the large download but are worth the time. At XSReality, you can nab Pillz Q3. It is an AVI with all kills done with a grenade launcher. Sweet! You can also go to and grab Q3F_Training by Don.Paulus. This one comes with a storyline an a few stunts. So for Pillz Q3 go to XSReality, and for PQ3F_Training, go to Don't miss out, get it now.

    Avalanche Capture Strike

    For all you Threewave CTF fans, you should look into the Avalanche Invitational Capture Strike tournament. All the deatails and rules are listed at Avalanche. Also today, at Cached, Solo.MD chats with Yrim, a capture Strike Player and Clan Avalanche Representative. Get all the details of the interview at Cached.

    True Combat Update

    Today on the True Combat site, you can find some new pics of the M4A1 models and skins by Race. The screenshots are great and make you wanna play a round right away. Check it out at True Combat.